Buying and shopping local is an effort that is near and dear to my heart. My parents own a small business – a gourmet coffeehouse and cafe – in a small local community in Upstate New York. Spressos launched in May 2005 and has organically grown into a very profitable business. I have seen the ups and downs as they've grown the business and it's inspired me to patron local shops. Surprisingly, these local businesses do their craft way better than their large-scale competitors. Lesson learned? More money doesn't always mean better service or product. I recently visited a local farmer's market here in Stamford, CT and was so pleased with the honest smiles from business owners and delicious and fresh food. Believe me, it makes all the difference. 

Stamford Downtown Farmer's Market (Runs from May – October)

Volta Gelateria, downtown Stamford. (The best locally-made, organic gelato ever!)

What are your thoughts on buying local? Have you had a great experience? Leave your comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

A look inside the DWR Champagne Chair Contest.

Retail Touchpoints has published a feature on The 2014 DWR Champagne Chair Contest. We took the historic uniqueness of our contest and leveraged user generated content. With over 700 submissions and nearly 1 million impressions, the contest was the most successful year to date. My favorite submission is below – titled CHAIR#2014 – with intricate weaving that is quite mind-blowing. Thank you to Retail Touchpoints for featuring our contest. We can't wait for next year!


Pinch me moment: Quoted on socialtimes.com + Philly Biz Journal

I am so honored and thrilled to be working with Curalate. As an innovative visual analytics suite, Curalate helps us social media community managers get a handle on all image-based communication.

Learn more about Curalate.

I was recently quoted in Curalate's latest announcement – They are now able to capture data from Tumblr.  We couldn't be more excited to get better insights into what is working on Tumblr and what users expect from their favorite brands. Let's tumble onward!

"Lauren Guerrieri, social media manager for Design Within Reach, said in the announcement that the data from Curalate has validated the assumption that Tumblr is very popular with design fans, and that having analytics data helps the company engage with fans. It also drives DWR's Tumblr strategy, "ensuring [DWR is] giving [its] consumers the information the want, how they want it."

Read the full announcement here




Internet Week New York's Make the Stage Voting Party.

We were so excited to host Internet Week New York at DWR SoHo for the Make the Stage Voting Party.

Vivan from the Internet Week event team and myself chilling out on my favorite, the Como Sofa.

It's a fabulous event where VIP's get the chance to preview what's to come at Internet Week, which begins May 19. This year, we can already foresee so many innovative panel discussions and we're particularly excited to see the importance of "visual conversations" in the overall event theme. Visual communication is becoming increasingly important. Mastering tools such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr is a challenge for any social business thinker. We can't wait to see you at this year's event. Thank you to everyone for making this year's preview event an incredible success. What are you looking forward to learning more about and who do you hope to connect with? For a complete list of events and to register, click here.

Matt Crucius (DWR Senior Online Marketing Manager) and myself at DWR SoHo.